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Low-temperature dehydration and refrigeration plant

The project aims to increase the availability of cryogenic and sublimation equipment by using single-circuit scheme based on Hampson–Linde cycle with consequent throttling of refrigerant mixture. The project is being carried out by CryoTech Engineering Company, ltd.


  • The plant doesn't use liquid nitrogen;

  • Up to 60% higher exergy efficiency and productivity (compared to traditional plants);

  • Simplified design (single cooling circuit and single compressor per plant);

  • Plant versatility and its easy adaptation for various applications.


Microbiological, pharmacological companies, manufacturers of sport, tourist and "healthy" food and bioadditives, as well as large food manufacturing companies (ferments storage, etc.).



Production and delivery of the first plant with 3.5 m³ chamber volume.


Market launch

4th quarter of 2017.


Transdermal xenon-containing cosmeceuticals

The project's goal is to increase the transdermal permeability of medical or cosmetic preparations through the protective skin barrier in order to achieve greater efficiency of cosmetic and dermatological products. The project is being carried out by Xenon-Cosmeceuticals, ltd.


  • Less dosage of active ingredients.

  • Greater efficiency (less time to get effect).

  • Additional anti-inflammatory effect and reduced risk of allergic reactions due to xenon properties.

  • Xenon usage has no side effects (xenon is chemically inert gas).


Cosmetics and dietary supplements manufacturers, cosmetics market distributors, etc.



Xenon whitening cosmetics experimental batch production, cosmeceuticals product line development.

Market Launch

Planned in 2017.

Microgreens Project

Project broad goal is to develop Smart Agriculture startups. Sheltered ground, hydroponics, modern industrial greenhouses, mobile autonomous systems, grow-boxes, phytotrons are considered as the most promising research areas. The project is being carried out by Mobile AgroSystems, ltd.

The laboratory was founded to conduct research in the field of microgreens cultivation. It will also be used for experiments and startups generation in related spheres. Short cycle of microgreens cultivation allows to evaluate quickly the efficiency of different ideas.

The most perspective ideas for future startups

  • Cultivation process automation

  • Smart LED lighting

  • Nutritious substrates

  • Smart energy systems, alternative energy sources


Hypermarket chains, agricultural enterprises, HoReCa.



The equipment is installed, microgreens cultivation is about to begin, experiments program is prepared.


Market launch

Microgreens selling is to begin in 2017.

Plasmatica Technology Company

The Technology Company researches cold plasma properties and develops various devices based on them for different applications.


  • Cold plasma doesn’t have a thermal effect on processed objects.

  • Short-term exposure to cold plasma is enough to ensure desired effects.

  • Biological objects exposed to cold plasma don’t risk to suffer any negative effects.

  • Systems based on cold plasma atmospheric generators don't need any consumables or chambers with special working environment.


  • Medicine: speeding up wound and seams healing.

  • Surface disinfection: decreasing the number of harmful microorganisms.

  • Agriculture: Increasing yield, reducing germination periods, disease incidence.

  • Enhancing adhesion properties of various materials: fabrics, polymers, metals.

  • New functional materials and coatings.

  • Industrial and domestic waste utilization, etc.



Laboratory is founded, research of cold plasma properties and their applications is under way.


Market Launch

IP and cold plasma R&D services sales are planned to begin in 2018.


Industrial Design Center

Pro M-Design, ltd. offers service packages for industrial design development. Main emphasis is on accurate planning of new design development process according to client's needs.


Company offers service packages in following categories:

  • Concept design.

  • Design research.

  • Industrial design and engineering.

  • Manufacturing process implementation.

  • Upgrade/restyling.



Industrial design and design documentation development services are provided in following areas:

  • Medical devices.

  • Transportation means and urban infrastructure.

  • Electrical appliances and tools.

  • Packaging.

  • Control interfaces.

  • Conceptual design.

  • LED lighting.

  • Technological equipment.



Company entered market in 2017.